Maximise your yield

Investing in property is a smart investment. It delivers you a better yield than High Street banks, and ultimately makes your money work harder.

Make the most out of your investment

With higher yields than the High Street banks, property investment is a fantastic way to make your money work harder for you.

Here at Mclarens Lettings, we are on-hand to get you started in building your property portfolio, as well as providing you with an insight of what your investment can achieve.

Long term and short term property investment

We understand that investing in property, and building your portfolio can be seen as a risk, as a property’s capital can rise and fall, and with that the team at Mclarens Lettings are on hand to guide you in how you can invest in property on the short term, or even decrease the size of your property portfolio to free-up some of your investment.

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Maintain a good rental yield for your investment

When growing your portfolio as a property investor, it is important to consider your rental yield (the measure of the level of profit you could make from your property). The measurement of your rental yield will be the percentage of income made through renting your property against the overall value of your investment.

Rental yield can be split into two parts:

Gross Yield

The most simple and common type of rental yield you will come into contact with:

Gross Yield = Rent x 52 (weeks in a year) ÷ Property value

Net Yield

The Net Yield considers the money left over after your expenses relating to your property rental such as letting fees, insurance etc.

Net yield = (weekly rental x 52) – costs ÷ Property value x 100

Yield calculator

Gross yield amount: 0.72%

These results are for a repayment mortgage and are only intended as a guide. Make sure you obtain accurate figures from your lender before committing to any mortgage. Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on a mortgage.

Are you ready to invest in property?

Knowing your Gross and Net Yield in your invested property is crucial in making a success of building your rental portfolio. We suggest aiming for rental yield of anything 4% and above to make your investment viable.

If you want to know what you can achieve in building up your property portfolio in and around Surrey including Dorking, Leatherhead, Redhill and Tamworth, contact the Surrey Lets team today. We can help you make your investment work harder.